Herbal Medicine Services

Herbal Medicine Services

Herbs/Plants have a relationship with humans that once that relationship is compromised, disease set in, we were created to depend on them for survival (fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, mineral substances and natural oils).

Our services on herbal medicine involved using herbs, fruits, mineral substances, essential oils, and water to help your body heal itself.

Our herbal preparation s usually comes in capsules form, Syrup, Teas, Alcoholic Extract, Decoction, Ointments etc depends on the health challenges.

We are Primary Health Care provider even though we have work with many people to reverse many chronic diseases like Cancers, Infertility in both gender (fibroids, cysts, hormonal imbalance, PID, etc and in men, watery or low sperm, erectile issues, low libido etc) Diabetes, Kidney diseases, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Liver disorders etc.

We depends more on local plants alone for our medicines because genetically, they are the best for us.

We will also, depending on your health challenge, help you to eat RIGHT, because the role of food in disease state is as equal to the role of medicine.

Clinix Health Cares is one of our partners in investigation of diseases, so we might refers you there for laboratory investigations and conduct our own differential diagnosis before recommendations.

We operate on outpatient services only in our clinic but at times offers home services.

We also have a monthly family healthy living talks through which we help families live healthy life based on lifestyles. This service has helped many families to learn how to prevent many chronic diseases even cancer and what to do in some minor disease cases.

Herbal Medicine Services.