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Chiropractic Medicine Services

As a chiropractic health care professional, our primary objective is to help your body to heal itself. This may include changing or adjusting some lifestyles like your food, postures, exposure to pollutants etc.

We treat your whole body despite your complain was only based on a specific part of the body and our treatments based on chiropractic care are;

  1. Physical examination (this is different from laboratory investigations like X-ray, MRI, CT-scan etc) so be sure of conclusions or results of laboratory investigations.
  2. We help you adopt the correct postures when sitting, standing, sleeping, driving and walking.
  3. We will perform some manual adjustment/manual manipulation to your spine and if need be to some other joints of the body.
  4. We will put you through some therapeutic exercises that can help improve your conditions (is what you will be doing at home on days we don’t have appointment with you).
  5. We also can apply some therapeutic massage depending on the health challenge.
  6. We will also help you to eat RIGHT, and recommend some Vitamin and Mineral if necessary.

Note: We don’t treat pain, but we treat what causes the pain.

Mahc Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic Medicine Services.