Benefits of Unripe Plantain

Benefits of Unripe Plantain

Plantain, musa paradaisica, is a household plant. Both adults and children alike know it. Even though people are familiar with the Plantain plant, and enjoy its fruit, they do not pay attention to its other uses. When Plantain is roasted, it is called boole in Yoruba. When fried it is called dodo. The plantain plant, […]


The Therapeutic Effects Of Red Palm Oil Tree

The Therapeutic Effects Of Red Palm Oil Tree: Plants are of great importance in the environment and to the living things. They help in conserving soil fertility, prevention of erosion, recycling of oxygen and water. They also provide shade, seeds, fruits, timber, vegetables and medicines for man and his livestock. Traditional Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy […]

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The Health Benefits Of Alligator Pepper (Atare in Yoruba)

Alligator pepper as English name (Atare in Yoruba), while it’s botanical name is Aframomum melegueta and it’s also called grains of paradise. Alligator pepper is herbaceous perennial of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). It is sold with it pod in West Africa, it is used in cuisine, i.e in cooking because of its heat, pungency and […]

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How To Overcome The Menace Of Stroke Prevalence With Our Stroke Herbal Remedy

You Can Overcome The Menace Of Stroke Prevalence With Our Stroke Herbal Remedy: Before anything, let’s discuss briefly on what stroke is, causes, risk factors and prevalence, then prevention. What is stroke? Stroke is an attack on the brain that occurs when the flow of blood is interrupted by a blood clot which causes Ischemic […]

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Get Rid Of Any Bacteria With Our Herbal Remedy

In recent years, as technology is growing, our universe is been exposed to many dangerous pathogens ( disease causing bacterial). We live with them everyday, we get in contact with them on daily basis, through hand shakes, use of rails, door handles, sex, use of ATM machines and inhaling them, etc. On a normal circumstances, […]

Infertility Plant

Infertility Plant Also Prove Effective In Other Health Problems

Fertility tree botanically known as Neubouldia laeveis is a tree commonly see in Africa region, is often used for fence and in Nigeria, is commonly planted at shrines. The tree is believed to represent Longevity therefore is usually used to pray for newly installed Kings to live long. ( In Yoruba culture, it is often […]

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The Roles Of Intermittent Fasting In Overall Health

The Roles Of Intermittent Fasting In Overall Health: Under this topic, I will answer 2 questions. What to eat? When to eat it? Which Points To Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is not like religious fasting, is a way of life, skipping meal a day, or in a week or so. It does not mean not […]

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Malaria And Typhoid Herbal Solutions

Malaria And Typhoid Herbal Solutions: My name is Dr Joel Nudewhenu Logbo.┬áCEO of Mach Alternative Health Cares. 10, Bawala Street, Pedro, Palmgroove Lagos. I practice Chiropractic medicine and herbal medicine. When it comes to the collection of herbs for my preparations, especially the malaria and typhoid herbal recipe I dropped few days ago, the roots […]

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Detoxification of the Reproductive System Can Increase Your Chances of Conception

Detoxification of the Reproductive System: Due to the pollution humans are exposed to in recent years, food additives, perfumes, chemicals, etc, to maintain a good health will require routine removal of those foreign substances from our body. Naturally, there organs responsible for removal of such toxins from our body like liver, lungs, kidneys and skin […]

That Pain Can Be Taken Care Of

Do you experience pain in any part of your body? Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. It can guarantee a pain-free life. Your spine is the single most important structure in your body. It gives you a […]