Infertility Plant

Infertility Plant Also Prove Effective In Other Health Problems

Fertility tree botanically known as Neubouldia laeveis is a tree commonly see in Africa region, is often used for fence and in Nigeria, is commonly planted at shrines.

The tree is believed to represent Longevity therefore is usually used to pray for newly installed Kings to live long. ( In Yoruba culture, it is often said that A kii f’ewe kewe je oye leyin Akoko, meaning “we don’t use any plant to install Kings except Akoko (name of Neubouldia laeveis in Yoruba) which means apart medicinal uses, the plant has several uses in Africa tradition and culture.

This tree has been used to manage/cure various diseases, more specifically, infertility in women. Is even generally called Infertility plant maybe due to its fertility potency.

The following are some ways this tree can be used to provide solutions to some health problems.

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Infertility Plant Also Prove Effective In Other Health Problems

1. For Infertility In Women:

Fresh leaves of Fertility plant (Akoko tutu in Yoruba) with scientific name Newbouldia laeveis should be boiled with water, allow it to settle for 24 hours, original natural wild honey, mix it with the cooked leaves water extract in adequate proportion.

An infertile woman will be drinking it, a full cup two times a day.

Don’t worry if it makes move your bowel more than normal, just reduce the quantity if this occur.

  • Second Recipe For Infertility.

Bark stem of fertility plant with scientific name Newbouldia laeveis, ginger with scientific name Zingiber officinale) grind it together, sundry and turn it into powder.

A woman with infertility challenge will be taking full table spoon of it for 15 days, starting from the day he he finished her menstruation.

Other uses include:

2. Treatment for Arthritis & Rheumatism:

Newbouldia laevis bark and leaves can be used for treating arthritis and rheumatism. It acts as a painkiller.

Newbouldia laevis bark and roots can be used for treating swellings, and oedema arising through dietary deficiency.

3. Anticancerous:

Newbouldia laevis contains anti-cancerous properties hence it can be used for treating tumors and cancers.

4. Eye Treatment:

The leaf extract can be used for both eye and ear treatments.

5. Chest Pain:

The bark can be decocted with chilis for treating chest-pain.

6. Toothache Treatment:

The Newbouldia laevis extracts can be gargled for treating toothache.

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7. Antimalarial:

Newbouldia laevis can be used for treating patients suffering malaria.

8. Cough Syrup:

The Newbouldia laevis bark can be boiled in palm-wine or water and used for treating cough.

Neubouldia laevis, is one of the most potent plant for infertility.

And beyond the bottle, the plant has various applications.

During a retained placenta, a leave can be used with small salt in it to hold any little part of the placenta outside and the remnant will come out.

You can squeeze the fresh leaves and bath to increase positive energy flow.

The newly fresh leaves, 9 for men, 7 for women, pound with 9/7 Cayenne pepper (Ata Ijosi) mix with the quantity of black soap you can finish during a bath, is very effective to draw positive vibrations.

Contact us for more information on the plant or to help you prepare any of the mentioned herbal remedies.

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