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The Health Benefits Of Alligator Pepper (Atare in Yoruba)

Alligator pepper as English name (Atare in Yoruba), while it’s botanical name is Aframomum melegueta and it’s also called grains of paradise. Alligator pepper is herbaceous perennial of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). It is sold with it pod in West Africa, it is used in cuisine, i.e in cooking because of its heat, pungency and a spicy aroma.

It is pack with many health benefits and it has many cultural and traditional uses. In Yoruba culture, alligator pepper is often given to a newly born baby as part of routine baby welcoming process, it is often used along bitter cola and other kola nuts at ceremonies and a welcoming gifts to visitors .

Health benefits of alligator pepper are many, but its one major health benefit is for sexual disorders. Alligator pepper is aphrodisiacs, i.e it stimulate erection in males. It stimulate production of testosterone, a hormone responsible for sperm production .

Any herb that is classify as aphrodisiac has the ability to cross the brain blood barrier and quickly stimulate areas of sexual arousal in the central nervous system. It also increase blood circulation to the penile area thereby increasing the duration of sexual activity or performance.

It is also used in treatment of, Constipation, Hemorrhoid, Worm, Schistosomiasis, Arthritis, Boil, Pimple, etc. Dried powder of EWE EKU and alligator pepper is super recipe for sperm production

Varicocele. {An enlargement of the veins within the scrotum}
Alligator pepper ,Ginger ,Epo ahun ( alstonia bonei), Madumaro, Egbo osunsun,Tincture.

Spiritual Uses Of Alligator Pepper

The Health Benefits Of Alligator Pepper (Atare in Yoruba)

Apart from it ceremonial uses and health benefits, Atare is important in Traditional medicine because it is energy plant. Its seed wakes up the energy in us and it increase Ase (Command and it happened) on our tongue, it makes our words carry the heat of creation and it opens doors to the realm of the VITALISM.

If  you want to pursue someone out of a house or room or shop, get one Atare seed, put it in the hole of ants, the ants will bring the seed out, repeat it 3 times, the third time they bring it out, use something to hold or carry the seed, don’t let your hand touch it, then, go and drop it in the room or house, the person occupying the room or house or shop will pack and go.

We Have Hundreds Other Uses of Alligator Pepper Like the Above

Atare (alligator pepper) is also ajeogun (fertilizer of herbal medicines, makes the medicine effective). It is used in burning many herbal preparations, It is just to make the preparation very effective, it does not usually have health benefit to the mixture.

Like Atare (alligator pepper), any other herbs that emits vibration can serve as powerful protective herbal preparation from spiritual attacks, back to sender, etc.

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