Dr. Joel Logbo

Mach Health Cares Services is a Natural Medicine Health Care Providing Organization founded by Dr Joel Logbo, Chiropractor and Herbal Medicine Practitioner, also a Lecturer at Lagos State College Of Health.

In resent years, the need to seek for second opinion on health care is now on the increase due to decreased number of conventional medicine practitioners and natural medicine development and services in on the increase. 

Over 20 years of experience, research and treating/curing various diseases with our local herbs from cancer to diabetes, infertility, kidney diseases, liver disorders, sickle cell anemia etc, we are determined more than ever to help people discover the power of nature either in disease state or for disease prevention. 

We have help many people with kidney diseases, stroke victims, liver disorders, infertility, cancer etc to regain their health because they believe in our mission of nature cures. 

You can have such wonderful experience yourself, feel free to contact us on any health issue, health advice, consultation, diagnosis and natural health products.